7th December

During Gary’s session we were told to pair up with someone and then one person (person B) was told without person A knowing that they had to flirt with them while person A had to hate person B and person B was unaware of this as well. I was paired up with Jess Bellamy and Jess had to “hate” me while I was “flirting” with her, I found that it was extremely difficult to carry on a conversation with her as she kept ignoring me and giving very short answers and me flirting with her I didn’t want to drop the conversation so I had to keep asking her questions. Gary then told us what each person was trying to do and we had to switch roles so I had to “hate” Jess and she had to “flirt” with me but every time Gary told us to make our motives more obvious the people who had to hate the other person had to express it through body language while those flirting had to express it through voice. I found it easy to express me “hating” Jess through movement because I was mainly ignoring her and turning my head from her.

During Erica’s session we had the musical theatre group with us and we were all working on casting. We were given 3 characters that turn up in films allot and told to cast people in the room, we had the jock and 1930s dandy man, there were many people in the room that fit the jock like, Brayden, Tom Foulger and Will but for the 1930s dandy man there was only two which were Ryan Adams and Will. Then we were given a script to work on in new groups, we were given the breakfast club script to work on which was cold read. I don’t think I did too well on this task because cold reading isn’t my strengths.


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