8th December

In Lynn’s session we worked on form and creating a story behind us making a shape, for example we would be asked t0 make a shape and to place ourselves anywhere in the scene then someone would look at it and comment. I noticed how any of my positions were quite low down and closed almost hiding or dead, this was pointed out on multiple occasions because many people were in large open positions.

For our next session we were asked to put some random objects in a pile in the room in two different groups.

We were asked to make up a story behind the pile and my group came up with a murder mystery that involves the objects on the table and the coat and chair being the dead bodies.
I enjoyed doing this task and it let me work with some small stage fighting which helped me on my timing.
We were then asked to make the theme of the scene different but keep the same story line which we changed to a soap opera show which was interesting because it showed how and why I was murdered however we had Justin become Jess so I was having an affair.

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