12th December

Today we did our presentations, I was nervous so I went quite quickly and I missed out on explaining somethings, what I regret is not showing a you-tube video of a couple doing the dance scene in the mask which included no animation help at all so it would all be do-able with some editing so it was more safe. My other descriptions were a bit rushed however I was more enthusiastic about my group idea because it includes the audience as well while the other ideas didn’t. everyone’s ideas were excellent I really like Jess Bellamy’s idea of the couple dance to show Carl and Ellies relationship from “Up” I think a lot could happen in this dance and some beautiful  moves could be used. What I learnt from this is not to be scared of presenting in front of your peers they are there to give constructive feedback and to show support not to criticize so I need to calm down about presenting my work and ideas.


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