4th January 2017

On our first day back we had Gary first and we were given a script about a murder mystery scene where a suspect was being interrogated.

We began with going into groups of three I was with Liam and Eren. We cast Liam as Anderson and Eren as Jansen and me as Rose as I was the only girl, Eren was cast as Jansen because he has a voice which would be good for threatening people while Liam’s voice is better for giving out facts which is what Anderson does. Rose is sarcastic and unusually calm for her situation as she is getting interrogated for suspected murder, I put her down as sarcastic and confident like the police cannot find any evidence to say that she is guilty so she is confident that she will walk out of the room without any punishments. Anderson seems to know what’s going to happen and has accepted it and is just giving her the facts while Jansen is trying to break her and is threatening her with him finding information about the case which Rose just shrugs off, however on her way out she turns around and says to Anderson “I would hate for you to lose another partner” which can be interpreted as a threat.
In Erica’s session we were told our group commission and we were also told that it was going to done as in all of the group. We were split off into threes and were asked to discuss what ideas we had, our group came up with using silhouettes like puppetry so then the props and costume aren’t too complicated to do as the audience can’t see them. The other ideas were similar and many were about the monster itself a lot were like King Kong or Godzilla (as we had watched the black and white trailers before this) to get an idea we also thought of showing just parts of the creature like a hand or if it is a spider just a leg. We then played the object game to get an idea of making creatures by just using ourselves, we also played a game called 21 which was to get us used to working in a team and knowing what your role is in the team.

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