5th January 2017

We had Lynn first and during we did a warm up because we had to skip our usual warm up because we had two ex students come and talk to us about going to a drama school and they gave us some advice on finances and working towards getting there. What I got from that talk was to start preparing as much as possible now as a first year instead of waiting and wasting my time. For our warm up in Lynn’s session we started with greetings which we started with just a polite smile to people then we moved to a wave, after we made the wave more exciting then we were asked to do an “alien” greeting and to include a noise along with it. The class was then split in half to discuss the creature feature project and we all discussed our ideas, I had the idea that when the scene has finished and the city has been saved then a screen at the back falls to reveal two kids playing with toys to tell the audience that it wasn’t real it was only two kids imaginations, our groups main idea was from Liam which was to do a robot scenario with the robot destroying the city because at the time sci-fi stories were very popular. In the same groups we were then given several scenarios to make into silent film moments.

  1. The Aliens: The first scenario was aliens landing on earth and our reaction to them. The scene started with 4 friends sitting having a coffee and then 2 aliens come in and start looking at the 4, when the aliens leave the friends get up and start following them and copying them in a grandma footsteps way.
  2. Test Of Courage: The second scenario was called a test of courage and in the scene we all had to cross a rickety bridge. We had the scared idiot, scared intelligent, the old wise man, the hero and 2 damsels. in this one we had to user our faces to distinguish which character we had been assigned which meant the idiot had to be silly and when he has over come the task he stands there all proud like no one had to help him while the damsels had to scream while going off the bridge. We also had to over react when the last person to cross falls through the bridge.
  3. Lady Fainting: We were put into pairs and I was put with Eren for the “fainting” scene, this was also a bit of a trust exercise because Eren had to catch me as I fell. Me and Eren in our scene thought that I would faint over dramatically in a very melodramatic way, then Eren would place me on the floor npt really knowing how to respond and then leave, me not getting the reaction I wanted would get up rather confused and embarrassed and would walk away.
  4. Impending Doom: My group built a monster for Tom to fight, I was playing the damsel and I thought it would be appropriate to faint. We didn’t have very long to prepare this scene as we spent too long on our monster.

While we took a break Lynn came back and told us that she had thought about how our creature feature should go and the said that it should be 5 explorers getting on a new planet and they hear a noise from an unknown source, they carry on and see a few regular looking spiders and act like oh don’t worry about these when a large spiders leg appears from the wings. The spider is then defeated and the explorers go home. As they go home the spider twitches indicating its still alive.



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