6th January 2017

We went to go and see “No Man’s Land” in the Abby Gate theatre today. The production was about a man called Mr Spooner who comes across an old friend called Hirst who has dementia, he cannot leave the house and is constantly competing with Hirsts other friends who live with him to somehow be in his life. The play was good but the set up was confusing and it was a “it’s what you think” type of play.

Image result for no man s land play

My theories were:

  1. The main room that the play is set in is actually Hirsts mind and the characters are people from his past that have died that are slowly driving him insane. Because the room is very closed and it feels more like a prison than a house so he is trapped in his own mind.
  2. Spooner is trying to get into Hirsts life/mind but the ghosts from his past are creating barriers and obstacles to stop Hirst from, getting hurt again by people.
  3. Briggs and Foster are his carers and don’t want his life to change because he is ill to the point where it’s an obsession so when Spooner appears they act hostile to try and make him leave but when that fails they keep him in the house so nothing changes because Hirst has gotten used t0 him.
  4.  Spooner is death trying to take Hirst to his fate but Briggs and Foster are what ever is postponing his death, because they are younger they could represent technology this would go back to the theory that the room is Hirsts mind

At the end of the play the boards in the scenery have fallen away to reveal the entire room to be like a window, I think this is Hirst seeing things clearly for the first time which again links back to the room being Hirsts mind and not just being a room.


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