10th January 2017

We were given a song to learn for our commission which was the song at the beginning of the “Muppets Movie” called rainbow connection.

During directed study we were given the casting list for our commission work and I was put in the breakfast club scene and also was told that my Juno monologue needed to be written up, I got two ideas for the monologue, the first was the monologue being Juno’s kid when she is a teen about the age Juno was when she gave birth to her and she is wondering what Juno is like or she could be ashamed about being given up and not knowing why, the second idea was that its been a year since Juno gave her baby away and Vanessa has sent her a letter and a few photos of them together showing Juno how the baby is getting along and Juno speaks to the audience and contemplates whether it was right to give up her baby but at the end she shows that it was the right decision because she is now studying music and has a small band and is living life to the fullest.

During Lynns session we cast the silent movie scene and this was the final thoughts.

  • Will- Robot
  • Eren – Scientist
  • Jess – Scientist
  • Karolis – Captain
  • Mia – Captains daughter/ Damsel in distress
  • Justin – First mate
  • Sabrina – Alien
  • Ines – Alien
  • Ryan – Alien
  • Tom – Alien dog
  • Liam – Prop operators
  • Thalia –  Prop operator

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