9th January 2017

At the beginning of the session we were doing some warm ups (cold room)  and we were pretending we were on a string and we were puppets and a puppeteer was controlling us so we were taking it in turns to move parts of our body. We then played some power games where different people were in charge of the scene. The first game was the host game where one person would leave the room and three people would be given a weird quirk which the host has to guess. This game was showing that the guests had more power about what goes on in the scene but the host also has control because he or she is asking the questions. The next game was the narrator game, again three people woud go into th middle and the 4 would narrate what they are doing and they have to do what ever the narrator tells them. The last game was the made up language game or the expert game where 3 people would go up, one was an interviewer, the other an expert and the last person was the translator because the expert spoke a language that we made up. I enjoyed this game because the translator would have complete control of the scene because the person speaking the made up language is describing something while the translator has to make it up which would make the interviewer question more interesting questions.

For Lynn’s next session we watched a few videos on the Welsh and Gaelic language to find the different rhythm’s they have, because Gaelic and Welsh have loads of different sounds so we watched them. After we were put into pairs, I was put with Will and we were told to make the expert game into a scene, so me and Will did a language based around noises you make at the back of your mouth and he was teaching me golf. The idea of the exercise was to make the audience believe that we were speaking the same language so to achieve this I would repeat sounds he made when he showed me the ball or the club and when I made a motion and a noise he would repeat it back to me.


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