11th January 2017

I looked at some scenes from the breakfast club and thought that these scenes could be good for our group, I tried to find scenes where everyone was talking and these are the few that I found.

These scenes along with another called the bag scene which I could not find so I could only find this snippet.

In the scene Claire and Bender look through his wallet and they start having a conversation about boys wallets and girls bags, the scene above is the second half of the scene.

All these scenes would be appropriate to do however the scene with the cigar burn wouldn’t because its only Bender talking along with a few lines from Brain so as a group that wouldn’t be appropriate.

I also did some research on teen pregnancy and adoption so I could get an idea on how Juno would feel after the baby has been given away. These are the notes are got for the Juno monologue.

  • On going grief despite knowing it was the right thing to do
  • Grief tends to re-surface when its the child’s birthday or they are old enough to start school etc
  • In open adoption arrangements it’s difficult for the birth mother not to be motherly around her child they must act as a close relative or just a family friend
  • The birth mother in an open adoption has a say on what happens in the child’s life
  • Grief on what could of been a more closer and deeper relationship with the baby
  • Counselling and support groups for those who need it
  • In teens they struggle with what role they play in the childs life (are they a friend, mentor, aunt etc)
  • Loss of friends (Juno stays with Bleaker)

These are the notes I got on the monologue for Junos child.

  • Having the feeling of “not being good enough” or “not being wanted” because of the mothers rejection
  • When questions about past family health comes up it may trigger how much they don’t know about their origins
  • May feel different to other kids
  • Struggle with self esteem and development of identity
  • Struggles with knowing that their birth mother gave them up or didn’t want them.

During Gary’s session we performed our murder mystery scripts to the class and everyone did really well and everyone managed to keep up with the American accents. I was surprised ta the range of characters that were played despite everyone doing the exact same script. I really liked Thalia, Jess and Wills piece because their accents were so strong yet understandable and Thalia bought so much energy to the scene the way she almost burst in and started getting into Jess’s face about the case while Will was grieving over his recently deceased partner.


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