12th January 2017

In Lynn’s session we split in to our different groups to discuss what we should do for our commission work. The “Breakfast Club” group got together and started looking at scenes together and we also cast the group.

  • Eren – Brian (The brain)
  • Liam – Bender/ Johnny (The criminal)
  • Tom – Andrew (The athlete)
  • Sabrina – Claire (The princess)
  • Mia – Allison (The basket case)

We didn’t have Liam here so we couldn’t decide on the scene because we need everyone’s say in it so for the majority of the session I told the group what scene s I thought would work best and they all watched them and said they would find some of their own. So far the favoured one is the scene where they all get high or the bag scene. I think the bag scene would be best because if we extend it a little everyone has a part to say.

For my next session I wrote up my Juno monologue this is the first draft.

Juno walks in with a guitar on her back, she’s holding a letter and a picture from Vanessa showing her sons first birthday. Juno feels like she is properly grieving for the first time since she gave up her son. She is still at school but is now 17, she has gotten her band back together with Bleeker which is why she has the guitar.

“Well Vanessa looks the same, and the baby looks a bit like Bleeker. Wow only a year ago and he’s gotten so big, he looks happy. Was it right for me to give him up though? I mean now that I think about it Brenda could of looked after him while I was at school right? I could still juggle school, the band and the baby right? When he was old enough I could of you know taught him how to play the guitar with Bleeker or showed him some awesome movies, it’s like a make your own best friend experience. (looks at the photo again) I mean don’t get me wrong Vanessa is a magnificent mum and he is happy, so is she. (Pauses) Again though he never really felt like he belonged to me or Bleeker really. Brenda was right though, giving him up is allot tougher than I thought. (Pause) I better bounce I got this gig soon. (Walks off stage strumming and humming to “Anyone but you”)

Last night I had re watched Juno and was making notes on how Juno talks and a few quotes that could be in use to the monologue like “he never really belonged to us” or “it’s tougher than you think”. This is only a first draft so a few things will be changed.


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