16th January 2017

We went away in our groups during our first session to talk about our scenes, the “Breakfast Club” group couldn’t do much because we were missing Sabrina and Liam so we talked about how we could set up the scene. However when I talked to Lynn at the end of the session she said it wasn’t the best idea because it hasn’t really got any characterisation in the scene and she said that the reason the idea was chosen was because of the different characters in the film.

During my next session I talked with Lynn about my Juno monologue and what needs to be changed, she said it was fine with it all but I added a few more lines and ideas to the monologue and also Lynn said that Juno would never admit that giving up her child would be difficult.


This is the new version.
Well Vanessa looks the same, and the baby looks the same. Hmm, wow only a year ago and he’s gotten big, he looks happy. What if things went differently? I mean now that I think about it Brenda, my step mum, could have like looked after him right? I could still juggle school, the band and a baby right? I mean it would of been kind of cool. When he was old enough I could have you know taught him guitar with Bleeker or showed him awesome movies, it’s like a make your own best friend experience kind of thing, like build a bear, build a baby… Build a friend. (Looks at photo again) Now I look back I remember saying the pink plus sign was “un-holy”, now… I mean don’t get me wrong Vanessa is a magnificent mum and he does look happy. He still doesn’t seem like mine though, he never really was mine or Bleekers I guess. (Pauses for a moment) Anyway I’ve got to bounce, got a gig soon. (Walks off strumming and humming)

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