17th January 2017

I did some character research on Allison from “The Breakfast Club” on the 16th when I got home and these are the notes I got:

  • Weirdo stereotype
  • When she turns to say goodbye to her parents they just drive off
  • Unhappy because her parents ignore her
  • At first during detention she doesn’t talk at all
  • Does odd things e.g she draws a picture and uses her dandruff to create “snow”
  • She is enigmatic
  • Thie only student who doesn’t smoke pot with the others
  • Neglected
  • She is adept in finding stuff out about people (she gets into peoples heads)
  • She wants to keep the childish heart that people lose
  • She doesn’t want to change
  • Needs to accept that people look for an accepted image
  • Sits alone
  • Doesn’t care what people think of her behavior
  • She sits and listens to people
  • Talks to herself
  • Cares about her fellow students
  • Defensive
  • Verbal vomit/ spits out her words
  • Lies

Today I re-watched “The Breakfast Club” and made some of my own notes on Allison’s behavior :

  • Doesn’t care what people think of her
  • Defensive
  • She stares at people
  • Listens
  • Is intruded about what happens around her
  • Alone
  • At first is reluctant to talk to anyone
  • “She doesn’t talk sir” Bender about Allison
  • Hides under her hood
  • Cuts off blood supply when bored
  • Idea for scene “tearing literature”
  • Joins with the whistling reluctantly but on her own accord
  • Stares allot
  • Says her “poison” is vodka
  • Catches coke can without looking
  • When her coke fizzes over she slurps it off the table
  • Idea for scene “entire lunch scene”
  • Concerned for Bender
  • Hair over her eyes
  • Creepy
  • Steals locker lock
  • Stamps when she wants Bender to follow the group
  • Bites her nails
  • Hurt when the boys don’t want to look in her bag
  • Hates being ignored
  • “I’ll do what I have to do” Allison talking about all the stuff in her bag
  • “My home life is un-satisfying” Allison talking about her life at home
  • Wishes to run away
  • “Never mind forget it, everything’s cool” Allison when the boys don’t understand her
  • “Eat shit!” Allison when she is insulted
  • Can see what Andrews problem is
  • Admits only to Andrew whats wrong
  • “They ignore me” Allison admitting to Andrew whats wrong
  • Lies to get attentions
  • On the script it says she relishes attention
  • Attention seeker
  • “I’m not a nymphomaniac i’m a compulsive liar” Allison after she gets into Claires head to get information
  • Idea for scene “what can you do/ weird confessions”
  • “When you grow up your heart dies” Allison’s view on growing up
  • “I don’t have any friends” Allison when Brain asks her if she will ignore him on Monday
  • Reasons for being in detention

-Andrew: Taped someones bum cheeks together to impress his father

-Brian: Mouthed off to a teacher

-Claire: Skipped class to go shopping

-Allison: Just turned up because she didn’t have anything better to do

  • Even after the makeover she is defensive and self conscious
  • Still steals at the end of the movie
  • She is the basket-case

While I was watching this I saw a scene which would of been a perfect duo to put forward as an idea.

This scene is the teacher and the cleaner talking in the basement and I thought that it would have be a good idea to put forward.


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