19th January 2017

I performed my Juno monologue to my group today and got dome really good feed back, I was told:

  • When learning lines be her
  • Learn where you’re moving to avoid the monologue shuffle
  • Be more sarcastic in places because she is a sarcastic character
  • Don’t skip over the name Bleeker
  • Bleeker is the father don’t forget how important that is
  • Actors arm
  • I lost my place and I came out of character so don’t lose your place
  • Give her more space/time to think
  • Be happy on the last line because you are in denial of your own feelings

I performed it twice and this was the feed back I got the second time:

  • Keep using the photo to lengthen the pause
  • Don’t throw away the little pink cross line, let it linger so people understand it
  • Find a trick to the pink plus sign line
  • Don’t throw lines away!

We then went over the silent move and Lynn told us we were still performing it too natural and we needed to make it more melo-dramatic because we need to make the point across to the audience and we need to think about where the audience is because this is the stage set up:

And we kept bunching up so the audience wouldn’t see us however it is easier to place than our last commission because we know where they are placed.
We also went over the breakfast club scene we would each take turns reading in for Liam because he wasn’t in. We were going over it and realised that it wasn’t very interesting to watch because it had no movement, we found a new scene and decided to do that instead so it would be more interesting, but we had to add an extra person which was Will Rice because the scene includes 6 people so this is the cast now:
  • Liam- Mr Vernon
  • Mia- Allison
  • Sabrina- Claire
  • Tom- Andrew
  • Eren- Brian
  • Will- Bender

and this is the scene:


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