25th January 2017

We went on a trip to Arts Ed school for drama and I thought it was amazing.

We went and sat in a tap lesson and watched them rehearse. I was amazing how focused everyone was and the atmosphere was incredible because everyone was in time and when they made a mistake the carried on anyway.

Our next session was a Q & A with a Teacher there and I found out that the course also do acting for camera which is a field that I am interested in. A few of our students got up and did their monologues and they got feedback from them which was really good to consider, especially things like how or where to sit so the judges had a good view of you etc.

We then watch Titanic the musical and it was outstanding, it made me realise the amount of work and effort they expect from you to succeed at this school. I managed to speak to one of the actresses and she answered my questions on what happens after drama school and she told me that Agents go to their shows and then if they are interested they will work with you. She also told me that the atmosphere everywhere is really good and everyone is supportive but they do expect allot of work and they are very tough on you.


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