30th January 2017

We showed are pieces today so then Han could time them and see what needs to be done. Everyone’s was really good, a few pieces are not performance ready but it is difficult to get people from other groups if your time tables don’t match up. These are the notes I gathered from all the performances.

Dancers Narnia

  • Good use of shape and levels with body
  • Acted as one body
  • Missing Bronwyn
  • Used a ripple effect

Happy Feet

  • Good movement
  • Used the stage to the fullest
  • Had loads of energy

The Theory of Everything

  • Form of story through movement
  • Energy and focus was all 0n the dance
  • Noticed Thalia’s voice but not her presence

Buster Keaton/Charlie Chaplin

  • Planned well
  • Didn’t look like it was planned good use of scrambling
  • Used all sides of the stage
  • Took a while to set up

Abbie’s song/ MT dance

  • Missing Sophie
  • Couldn’t hear Abbie over the music (not her fault)
  • She faced the majority of the audience
  • Abbie should finish in the middle to give a more dramatic ending
  • Dancers couldn’t do much without Sophie

Jessica Rabbit

  • Good vocals
  • Could move it around more
  • Movers like her but needs to move around

MT The Great Gatsby

  • Great use of force movement
  • All in time
  • Several stories in one dance
  • Not cluttered

Jess the Blind Side

  • Talked to everyone
  • Seemed to favour one side of the audience
  • She looked like she was apologising a bit

Wills Magic

  • Engages the audience well

Dancer Descendants

  • Great form of movement
  • In time

If I Didn’t Have You

  • Lost a few lines
  • All very central
  • Didn’t share with the audience much

Bond and Q

  • Couldn’t hear Eren at the start
  • Good placement I could see them both clearly
  • Picked their moments for laughter
  • waited till the laughter died down

Notting Hill

  • Good laughs (timing)
  • Switches from upbeat to sad really quickly and efficiently
  • Could hurry a bit mo0re when getting up
  • Only got Karolis’s back

Papa can you hear me

  • Missing Bronwyn
  • Good volume

Kiss from a Rose

Spoof Torture scene

  • Justin looked bore (good)
  • Reached top energy steadily and well

When She Loved Me

  • Moved could see all angles
  • No static movement
  • Flowed easy

Inside Out

  • Presidents speech
  • Missing Milly
  • Two thirds of the audience couldn’t see

Dancers Boxing

  • Moved around each other
  • (second dance) Contradictory music
  • Stage combat

Up Dance

  • Matched movement with the story
  • Lots of emotion on their faces

Fight Club

  • Missing Ines and Sabrina






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