31st January 2017

In choir we went over “Joyful Joyful” again and I managed to record the alto pieces because I keep singing the soprano in an alto tone. I need to practice this song and listen to myself sing and learn how to pitch.

During directed session I talked to Helena because Sabrina may have to drop out because she is ill and we need to practice the scene or it wouldn’t make the cut. I then went away and thought about who would be the most appropriate candidate for the role, I needed to chose carefully because allot of people were already busy with their own pieces that they would be overloaded with the Breakfast Club. I finally asked Jess is she would possibly replace Sabrina and she has agreed.

During self directed I recorded my Juno monologue so I could tell where I was going wrong to see if my accent was consistent or if I was talking to fast.


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