6th February 2017

We tried on our costumes today to see if we have everything for the show. I thought that the costumes I were in were easy and comfortable to move around in, they will not be difficult. We also finished the spiders legs and I had to help put the tights on because there were so many bits of metal poking out that they fabric would get caught and occasionally rip but it shouldn’t effect the way the audience see the spider because they are barely noticeable and the holes may give them a more of a period look.





I managed to rehearse Juno in a crowded corridor full of noise to see if Eren could hear everything I was saying. He said he could, I then proceeded to ask a few people who were sitting further away who I didn’t ask to listen if they had heard me and they said they could hear me as well.

We also performed Breakfast Club to Lynn and we managed to neaten up the ending so it wasn’t so rushed like it was, I had managed to remember that the scene after the scene we are doing is the smoking scene and that all the characters go off to smoke weed one by one. I thought this would be a better way to get everyone off stage without having to awkwardly move.


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