7th February 2017

Today we went through tech and dress rehearsal

During choir we all worked on where we were going to stand so we could cover the most audience at once and so were weren’t all bunched up because without the year twos the choir is quite small. We were placed so we were all spread out and facing different areas of the audience so we could sing to different areas.

For the rest of the day we went through tech and dress.

Silent Movie

The tech for the silent movie is a simple lighting so we look like the characters from a silent movie. Karolis had accidentally sent over the wrong track so we had to do the tech without the music. Also for the spider legs we have to have a dark purple light on them so they can be seen against the darkness of the theatre. Karolis also has to remember that he has to kick the spider in a certain direction.

Breakfast Club

We had some difficulty with getting the tables in but we came up with a plan:

Mia- Go and get the small table from the right wing

Jess- Gets a long table with one of the MT’s

Tom- Gets a long table with one of the MT’s

Eren – Brings on small table

Liam- Gets chairs with a MT

Will doesn’t need to bring anything on because he enters through the main doors. We also didn’t have the prop for Benders weed so I mad it when I got home out of dried evergreen leaves.

We had no problem with the tech for Juno because all it is the same lighting all the way through the monologue.

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