8th February 2017

We had another quick dress rehearsal before the show. For the silent movie I was late in because I was dealing with a slight costume arrangement so Eren had to come and get me. I has to run in and act as if it was planned even though it was a dress rehearsal we had to treat it like the real performance in-case I was late for the real thing but I won’t because I will be more prepared and focussed.

On the performance night everything went smoothly. Before the show however in a self directed session I went back through my character notes and highlighted the main points of my characters.

Main points for Juno

  • Grieving
  • Wishes for a closer relationship with her son
  • Guilty
  • Treats everyone as an equal
  • Very chilled even when sad
  • Didn’t want an open adoption

Main points for Allison

  • Weirdo stereotype
  • Sits alone
  • Hides
  • Hair over eyes
  • Creepy
  • Bites nails
  • Hates being ignored
  • Relishes attention

Main points for silent movie captains daughter

  • Curious
  • Naïve
  • Almost like a Disney princess stereotype

When the silent movie went on everyone seemed surprised at the sight of the aliens and seemed to enjoy it there was a general sense of happiness throughout the audience even when the spider legs came on and the music went dark.

For Breakfast Club everything went well and we got allot of laughs especially at the end of the scene when we all went off and also when Liam reveals the toilet paper to the audience. The only issue was we messed up very slightly with the bumps on the table but I don’t think the audience noticed.

Juno went as planned however due to nerves I missed a chunk of the monologue out but no one noticed and I spoke loud enough and I kept the accent up.


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