22nd February 2017

During directed session I started to work on my Task 1 and went through my last commission briefs and started to underline and highlight the differences. I struggled a bit with understanding the task at first but after reading the task and looking over my other commission briefs I understood the task.

During Gary’s lesson we carried on working on the girls directing the boys piece from “Burying Your Brother Under The Pavement”. Me and Thalia watched Karolis and Ryan do their piece and commented on anything that they had forgotten or anything we decided to change. I didn’t really like this exercise because I don’t like to take control of particular situations however being a director is a skill I would like to improve as it can come in use.

When we went through feedback Gary’s main point was that many of the boys didn’t know their lines and we couldn’t tell where the piece was based so we need to do our research.

During Erica’s we went through the unit and discussed any questions we had. We then went through a few improve games. This was a good because I liked having the freedom in a game to create over the top characters which I could water down and use them as other characters in the future.


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