23rd February 2017

We had Lynn for our first session and we started by walking around and trying different emotions and observing what it made us do to our bodies, we had no characters to go with this so we were being ourselves. I noticed that when Lynn said walk around like you have a piece of important information I couldn’t stop smirking and I held my head high, I also noticed that many people held their head high showing that it was a natural thing that people are pleased with the information they posses. I also noticed that when Lynn said to think as if we were looking for someone I noticed that people looked down and were agitated and moved quickly which was the opposite of the last task which was good because it made me realise what little changes we make that effect the entire feel that you are giving off. We then sat down and began to talk about Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” and language.


I thought that this was really informative especially since I have a Shakespeare monologue and I had to translate it so I could get a grasp of the character and the feel of the scene. We then worked on potential characters for the clown in the scene we went for the secretary however the audience viewed it as the computer geek who was a bit awkward with people, I decided that it was better than the secretary. The group I was with discussed potential characters being:

  • Tattoo artist
  • Comedian
  • Secretary
  • Physiatrist
  • Bin man
  • Porter
  • Teachers assistant
  • Landlord

I thought that they would be invisible characters because he seems very crafty.


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