27th February 2017

First we had Lynn for characterising. She fist asked us to walk around as if we are just normal and to sit and lean on objects. I noticed that as soon as I sat down I was exaggerating a little because I was aware about how I was walking or sitting or leaning. We then chose at random a stereotype which we improvised a scene with another stereotype. I had the “complete airhead” stereotype which when I was thinking what I could do to portray this character I thought.

  • Doesn’t know a lot
  • Oblivious

When I was given this stereotype I thought of a cartoon character called Jillian from “Family Guy” who is a stereotype of an airhead but I didn’t lean on this idea when performing the character because she is made to be over the top. My feedback was:

  • Could of looked a bit more dumbfounded
  • Acted too much like a child
  • Found it difficult to pin point between a child and being an airhead

I admit that at one point I acted very much like a child so it would of been difficult to pin point what I was trying to put across.

Sabrina done a moody teen character and we were all told to act like a stereotypical teen, I noticed that when I was doing this exercise I:

  • Hair over eyes
  • Getting out of work
  • Bumping into people

We also all moved quite lethargically and dragged our feet.

The next stereo type I was given was  a 6th form boffin, I didn’t know what this was so I had to ask Lynn but when she explained that it was a know it all. We had to walk into a room and pretend that it was the wrong room, I pretended I was looking for my class and was claiming that everyone was stupid.

Our next session was again with Lynn and we were working on voice. We first listened to a piano to see if the notes were the same, because I was one of the last ones to go I had found out what to listen to however at first I was confused. After we were given a piece of paper with approximately 10 words, we were put in pairs (I was with Jessica Bellamy) and were given a scenario to work with, our scenario was that Jess had just given me an awful hair cut and I was complaining about it. I liked this exercise because the words were connected to the way I was feeling but because I couldn’t put them into sentences I had to put across what I was feeling in the tone of voice which meant over exaggerating.




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