1st March 2017

During directed study I thought a little more about task two and looked at a few plays that I could read for, I found:

  • Bunny (By Jack Thorne published- 2010)
  • Blink (By Phil Porter who also wrote Stealing Sweets and Punching People” published- 2012)
  • Precious Little Talent & Hot Mess (By Ella Hickson published- 2011)
  • An Intervention (By Mark Bartlett published- 2014)

I also did some research on Holloway Jones; I found out:

  • Holloway wants to become a BMX rider.
  • Her mother is in prison .
  • They are in the visitors center.
  • On the script it doesn’t say if they are alone or not.

During the next session we had the boys direct the girls in Holloway Jones. I was cast as the daughter and I noticed during the scene we never moved so I felt like I had to move with my arms allot. I kept looking to Ryan and Karolis for advice and approval during the performance.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5

After we had Erica and we discussed our commission and an idea that had come up in our lesson to do a improv piece. I liked the idea however improv isn’t my strong point and I would feel a bit under pressure, if we go forward with the idea I will focus on improv skills.


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