6th March 2017

During our first session we were all sat down and were told what we had missing on our word press, it was in alphabetical order so I had to wait a while but we did an exercise where a partner asked their partner if they like bananas and the partner needed to give an in depth answer for why. This task was to help us with our daily blogs so we can be in depth when writing them because we need to put our own thoughts and  opinions to achieve a reasonable blog.

Helena explained to me that this was missing from my page:

  • Task 3 project research stories street stories.
  • Task 4 rehearsal evidence street stories.
  • Task 6 working progress video street stories.
  • Task 7 evaluation street stories.
  • Add to Task 4 part 2 inspired by film.


I went away and found that all my work from street stories hadn’t been put onto the main page so I corrected that and looked over my notes for the part I was missing for the inspired by film task.

We had Lynn for voice but we spent the lesson discussing what to do after college.



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