8th March 2017

During Gary’s session the girls performed their scenes, there were only two groups and we were missing Sabrina so I only had to do the scene once. Jess and Thalias scene was good, especially the way they set it up because I could see everything Thalia was doing despite her almost facing away from me because the scene is two people having an conversation over a table. Jess was being more motherly than Ines and that’s what I enjoyed about their scene was that she was more of a mother than a mate, Thalia was more sad than me, I was angry while she was sad almost disappointed at her mother. What went differently from the rest of the times was that I was more relaxed so the scene went more naturally than usual, Ines was good and the way her mood changed slowly through the scene really set it and set the relationship that the daughter and the mother had by showing that she treated her more like a mate than a daughter. The boys did really well on the directing and Karolis and Ryan work really well together when directing because Karolis picks apart the scene and focused on the little things to improve while Ryan looked at the big picture so their opposite ways of looking at things and working really complimented each other.

During Ericas session we worked on some improv games including:

  • Spaghetti- You are given an emotion or a character and have to say spaghetti, it’s a good game to work on playing with stereotypes.
  • Questions only- A game that tests you thinking on your feet and keeping on topic.
  • Interrogation game- This game was new to me but it seems to be pun based which I found very amusing and funny again it tests your ability to think on your feet.
  • Freeze nominate- I found it difficult to think of anything to do so I just had to go with what ever came to mind which wouldn’t always be the best route because my scenes often end quite quickly.

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