9th March 2017


We had Lynn for our first session we had Lynn and we played a few improv games so we could relax a bit, after the exercise I felt refreshed because I hadn’t played in a while so I needed it to relax  a bit. After we were told to go away and look at a few drama improve games, I looked on:

The games that were put forward were:

  • Layers- Two people will go in and improvise a given scene and someone will yell “freeze” and instead of patting one out they would join until the entire group is up.
  • GMTV- (Good Morning TV) two people will be chosen as the presenters then they will split the rest of the group (numbers don’t matter) and give them characters to play, for example a band, famous people or even a Marshen.
  • Directors cut- People will be pulled up to improvise a scene and another can change the emotion or genre of the scene by yelling “cut”.
  • Leaders- One person will exit the room and the rest of the group will be split in half, one half has to make a shape with their bodies while the others look away. The group looking away allocates a leader, the person that has left the room comes back in, the group attempts to copy the first group while the other person guesses who is the leader.



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