14th March 2017

During Lynns session she talked to us about how we should do our presentations and we had a group discussion on how what we need to remember when presenting with or without slide shows.

Presenting with a power point.

  • People can’t read and listen
  • Don’t put too much on one slide
  • Stop talking when you turn around
  • Don’t turn your back
  • Wait, stop talking, change screen, carry on
  • Know what you are saying
  • Bring up flash cards (if necessary)
  • Never talk over laughter
  • Have the links to your YouTube videos on the power point
  • Don’t play videos for too long
  • Only put bullet points up

We were then asked to do a presentation on a historical play to the HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund) and I was put with Eren and Thalia and we separated the tasks once we had the idea to do a WW2 based play with real accounts from people. I was put in a group with Eren and Thalia and my job was to talk about finance.

These are my notes:


  • Transportation

– too schools

– Transportation of set etc

– Donated a van from the local ha

  • Recording equipment

– microphones

  •  Food and lodging
  • Access into documents

– interviewees

– Diarys/ letters

  • Costume & set

– period time clothing

  • Actors

– 8

  • Tech team
  • We want to be able to give an accurate representation of the time and the people
  • Done research and surveys out to several local schools

– interest and demand for this type of theatre

  • previously been back for out last project on the Tudors to great success

– and know we can be successful with this scheme

The feedback I got was mainly fidgeting with hair clothes etc and this is a real issue because I get really panicky when I do a presentation which makes me fidget.



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