15th March 2017

During Gary’s session we started working on “Glass Merange” with my group. Liam had been appointed director, it was originally Karolis but he preferred to act so he passed the directors role to Liam. We first sat in a circle and were asked to do sections of the script. Me and Eren were paired together and were given the 1st third of the script which I was happy with because it gave me an opportunity to work on playing a shyer character from what I’m used to. We started by reading our parts out loud in a circle, however the rest of the group said what’s the point and then split to practice alone. I felt that this was going against the exercise because this wasn’t the directors decision and the director didn’t agree either, it also made his job more difficult because he kept having to move from group to group instead of having all of us to listen to at the same time. I keep finding it difficult to do Laura’s voice, her accent is okay for me but her voice is described as light and she sounds as if she is out of breath but I sound too heavy.

During Erica’s session we worked on improv games for Fridays improv show. I liked this because it let me get in a little extra practice.


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