20th March 2017

For our first session we were working on directing and what we should do during a rehearsal. We talked about what a directors job was and where they stood among the cast.


  • Creating a vision
  • Edits the piece

– The audience is the prime concern

  • Director is the audiences eye
  • Does not mean that they are almighty
  • Word isn’t gospel
  • The director shapes the actors ideas
  • Everyone’s in charge but no one is in charge
  • Accept that you may be wrong
  • You can challenge the director
  •  If you have been given the right to be the outside eye

We also talked about what to say when you want your group to try doing a scene differently.

– “That was good but why don’t you try….”

– “I think what we need here is….”

We then got allocated to different groups and then one person from our group was given the role as director. Crystal was our director and we were given the task to make a movement piece around the equinox. Our group based it round balance and Crystal took everyone’s ideas into consideration and listened to each group member. She didn’t put anyone to one side and gave something for me and Beth to work on when she had to focus on the boys. I liked this session because it gave me an  opportunity to work with people I usually don’t work with because we are in different groups.


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