22nd March 2017

For my directed session I went and cleaned up my U8 task 1 and extended my points. I was also trying to get into the habit of checking each sentence after in case I have made any mistakes.

We had Gary for our next session and we were left to work on our “Glass Menagerie” script.Our group was a little under prepared so Liam went and worked with the least prepared pairing so me and Eren were left to read through. The other group performed first and it was really good, my only criticism is that Jess had her hair over her face so I couldn’t see her expression and Thalia was a bit to quiet on some lines how ever it suited the character.

During Erica’s session we were called up for a one to one session. I went and talked about how I was getting on with Martha’s Harbor and also a play called “A Dolls House” where I will be playing Nora which is based on this painting.




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