23rd March 2017

During Lynns first session we sat down and talked about our pieces and were told to remember:

  • You are another person
  • Be a character
  • Why are you there
  • Don’t be afraid of different voices
  • Any character

I went and talked to Karolis about “A Dolls House”, we tried the script but we kept interrupting each other with ideas and questions about what is going on and how the scene should be played out. We both agreed to get back to each other when we have both read the play or act three (which is the part that relates to the painting) so I went and read the play so I know the plot of it. I found it very interesting and gave me a firm platform to start with based on character showing that she has been:

  • Belittled her entire life
  • Been brushed off
  • Nothing more than an ornament
  • Is more cunning than she comes across but still makes mistakes
  • Cares (or cared) deeply for Thorvald

For the second session  I went and found a guitar and started to practice Martha’s Harbor. I found this very difficult as my previous lessons were based firmly around strumming and playing on the top end of the guitar when this song requires to be plucked to get the desired tune and also works near the base of the neck so I went for some advice from Lynn. She told me to find the chords and with some difficulty we did but we agreed that it didn’t suit the begining of the song so Lynn told me to focus on the vocals first so I knew the pitch when I practice with the guitar.


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