27th March 2017

We first had Lynn and we worked on the game questions only and also working in theatre in the round. I noticed that at first we were performing towards Lynn but as the game gained rhythm then we started to become more comfortable and we began to move to positions so the audience could see what we were doing.

After this Lynn sat us down to discuss on what we needed to get done production wise and I made some notes on how I thought we could set up the stage.
Martha’s Harbour setting:

  •  Ocean blue lighting
  • Sound of waves (softly)
  • Guitar (could change)

A Dolls House setting:

  • Coat stand
  • Night outside so a hall light effect
  • Sound effect of the door closing


I also wrote down some questions to ask Hannah about the stage.

Questions to ask:

– Are there any levels?

– Do we look into the light?

– Do we walk on when the lights come up?

After Lynn let us go and work in our groups. I hadn’t had an opportunity to talk to Karolis about”A Dolls House”. We had a similar idea where to start the scene however when we looked at each others script and realized that they were different translations, we did a read through of each of them to see which we prefer and we both agreed that the version that Karolis had downloaded was better because it wasn’t as long as my version and for us it was much easier to talk with as I found it difficult to get my head around some of the language in the version I had. We also did a bit with the set and sorted out where I was entering and where I was exiting. We didn’t work too much on characters or line learning, we wanted to get the blocking out of the way so we can focus more on characters in the future

A Dolls House part 1A Dolls House part 2A Dolls House part 3A Dolls House part 4


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