29th March 2017

During directed I worked with Eren to make sure we both knew Glass Menagerie.

During Gary’s session we performed our scene.

These were the notes that I was given:

  • I was still
  • Hinted at something wrong in my leg but not obvious
  • Turn out so the audience so they can see
  • It was natural
  • We were taking in what each other were saying
  • Concentrated around the floor space
  • Connection between the characters

During Erica’s session we were all called to show Erica what we had so far. I showed her Martha’s harbour and we discussed the set and said why not have a table to sit on half way through the song. I was nervous because I hadn’t sung the song in front of someone for Martha’s harbour so my body language was stiff which made it more difficult to control some notes. For A Dolls house Erica suggested to have the chairs apart to represent the distance that the characters had drifted apart. We didn’t get to show her much because we are still editing the script and we also told her how it is too long and we need to cut it down.


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