30th March 2017

During Lynns session we played a few warm up games then split off into our separate groups to rehearse. I went and me and Karolis began to plan out how we would set up “Dolls House”. After a read through we decided that we should both go off and watch a version of the scene because we feel as if we cannot grasp the main emotion of the piece and it is confusing us. This was really irritating me because I was hoping to get the feeling of the script by now but it is something that I am really struggling with, I still feel as if the scene should be cold and emotionless but on the other had she is enraged at Thorvald and should let her anger out.

During self directed I looked at the new script that Gary has given us with Liam and then we said that we will both watch the sit com so we know what accent ti do because at this current moment we keep doing Texan accent when we need to do a different accent.


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