31st March 2017

We did our progress presentations and I managed to take notes on every one.

Videos 17 and 18

Faye and Emily 
* crying girl

* Pop art

* 3 girls looking back on their youth

* Witches of east wick
Ryan and Faye 
* song colour and light

* Sunday afternoon on the island of genrjeieheh

* Painting is made of dots
* Monologue

* Sidd vicious

* Gold triple pop
Chris, Lauren, Emily, Faye, Ryan and Dylan 
* the weeping woman Picasso

* Bi polar

* Unstable family

* Relates because it’s woman suffering
Chris and Chloe
* Nighthawks

* Song

* Chris’s character is a gambler

* Guys and dolls (play)
Brayden and Sophie 
* Equis

* A boy with a horse

* Sophie is playing a male character
* Look at MTs

* Sunday is split into 6 parts
* Bang bang

* Pop art

* Roy L

* Song is sung by a female
Crystal, Jess, Beth, Tom 
* quicksand by David Bowie

* Silver clouds

* Andy warhol

* Based on the dictatorship

* Balloons
Ines and Sophie (Sabrina)
* Girls like that

* Links to sexism

* About all the people she has slept with

* About bodies

* Tracy emin tent

* Classroom staging
Alfie and Justin
* Hamlet

* Grace digging scene

* George’s Braque

* Skull in the ground

* Spades

* Cubis is still alive
Justin Ryan and Eren
* Art

* Ryan dermatologist

* Eren Ivan accepting

* White on white

* Justin mark plane engineer
Jamie (Molly)
* Rene Magritte

* It’s raining men
Lauren, Bronwyn, Jess
* degas

* Ballet pic

* Song

* Ballet

* Ballet lesson
Liam, Thalia and Jamie 
* no exit

* Each other’s he’ll

* Can’t stand each other
Liam, Will and Thalia 
* Alice in wonderland

* Puppet is the door mouse

* Liam is the mad hatter

* Alice is Thalia

* Salvador Dali mad tea party
Will and Karolis
* last supper

* Leo da Vinci

* If Leo hasn’t painted it

* Pope and Micheal Angelo

* John Cleese sketch

* Levels

* Throne

* Pope
Crystal and Sophia
* demonic children

* Dance duet
* the kiss

* Salome oscar Wilde
Ryan and Dylan 
* Ryan is God

* Dylan is Adam

* Comedy

* Adam is nervous
* Hamlet

* Hamlets mother

* Reporting Ophelias death

* Dali Narcissus

* Thins aren’t what they seem
Jess, Ines and Lauren 
* play house creatures

* Different goals

* Painting is a portrait of Nell Gwynn
* Song

* Writing a letter

* Edvard Munch lonely woman

* In love with her cousin

Tom and Chloe
* starry night

* Starry starry night

* Chloe is dancing and tom is singing
Dylan and Bronwyn
* the start of a relationship

* Tracey emin neon lights
* lady of Shallot

* Poem

* Alfred Lord tennison

* Based on a legend

* lady to lunch

* The young girl and the green dress

* Independent guarding herself but is exposed

* Art Deco
* Jenny saville stare

* Two monologues

* Kid is disregarded



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