18th April 2017

During the holidays I looked at Dolls House and I still struggled with the character and how and when to represent her emotions, the scene is supposed to in my opinion have lots of emotion coming from Thorvald and have minimal emotion coming from Nora because her living in this house and being treated like a doll has made her devoid of emotion towards her husband a children. However when I have tried the script like this it felt strange and unnatural so I watched these two videos to see how other actresses have portrayed her.

I preferred the second video because she showed more emotion however she was suppressing it but let pieces of it leak out to show that she is angry or frustrated. I decided to follow this lead because when I tried it like this it felt and sounded more human.

During directed and self directed I looked over Gary’s script with Liam we have managed to get the accents correct and the emotion of the scene is good however we have made the scene too serious. The scene has come from an American sitcom and the way that me and Liam have done the scene makes it look too serious.


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