19th April 2017

During Gary’s lesson we were looking at the sitcom script again, I was off script but because during the holidays I was so distracted with the final project work I had set it to the side a bit, I had it off script but I was still holding onto it because I wasn’t confident enough to have it off script. Gary gave us 20 minuets to work with our scripts, Sabrina worked with me and Liam as her partner wasn’t here, while we were working we did a southern accent and Sabrina was practicing as me and Liam did the accents. This made me realize how different words sounded in ways I hadn’t noticed before such as class, in my normal dialect, class would have a longer vowel when in a southern American dialect it has a much shorter and snappier vowel.

During Erica’s session we were told we could go and work on props and costumes. I went to Tweed house and found the two dresses in the picture bellow.

The one on the left I don’t think would work because I need to wear a coat over the dress and the ruffles would be distracting when putting it on also the sleeves are too long, this can be easily fixed with some sewing but if anyone needed the dress after then the sleeves would be a problem. The second dress was better if I wore heels then the bottom would be no problem and the coat would hide the length of the sleeves.

I then remembered that my prom dress has a Victorian skirt, the top is too modern however but that would be covered up by the coat.



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