20th April 2017

Due to some miscommunication during the holidays I had accidentally edited the script differently to what Karolis had said and we corrected it quickly.

This is the script that Karolis had given me with all the correct changes.

Erica today was also doing progress checks and when I went in I was singing Marthas harbour. It went well but I missed a few correct notes so after that I went to see Chloe for some advice. She told me how to stand to get the most volume by standing with one foot in front of the other and to hold the back of my head higher than my chin. She also stated that it was good I just needed to be more confident with what I was singing.

For Dolls house it went well than expected, me and Karolis went through the entire scene but we were still reading from the script so there were a lot of un planned pauses which needs to be fixed. Me and Karolis went away to edit the script again but we found this very difficult because most of the script is relevant to the story and what has happened it is also a key scene to the play. I think I have a better grasp on how the scene is, during the holidays I looked at a couple of videos which made me view the script from another angle, I realized I needed a balance of being cold and being emotional. Any human wouldn’t be completely emotionless in that situation he or she would have outbursts so I tried to work that into the script.

Video 8


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