21st April 2017

Today we had self directed all day and I spent most of the morning looking at an audition script for the Media students project. I also went to see Lewis for a singing lesson, he gave me some tips on how to improve volume for example leaning back and grounding yourself, test your posture against a wall and he also told me I need to get used to the timings so for the rest of the day I spent annotating my script, I find that this really helps me for memorizing lines and remembering what I did when it felt comfortable. I was also listening to the song and counting the beats between each line.

Dolls house annotated 1Dolls house annotated 2Dolls house annotated 3Dolls house annotated 4

In the first and second verse there is two beats between each line and when it moves to the chorus there is only a brief beat, I need to listen to the song more and to stop practicing it Capella style so I can get the timings right.

During lunch I went to the media students to audition for a part in their project. It was only a short scene but I really felt the emotion of the character and I did some character research  and I tried to act cold but the scene was written for the character to be in love, so I needed to warm up.


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