24th April 2017

During the weekend I was working on the costume for Dolls House and I was editing my coat to look more Victorian.

Coat before

This was the coat before I was editing. I decided to edit it because it didn’t look the right period, the toggles looked too modernised and I thought that they looked childish with the coat and my figure since I am quite small. The jacket was already quite small but it needed to be tightened round the waist.

My initial idea was to sew it up from the inside to tighten it but I realised that the coat is wool and the change would be too noticeable so I bought the buttons across but kept the button holes where they would of been originally so then the change isn’t too noticeable.

I noticed that after the mistake I had made was the band on the waist didn’t line up anymore but it wasn’t really noticeable.

Today I first worked with Karolis, I tried my best to be off script and we ran through it before he had to go and work with Will. We talked about the last scene again, we were debating whether we should keep the line about her keys and her things. We decided to keep it in and to add a bit more movement to keep it natural that I should come on carrying my coat instead of having it on. This means we have to change the costume which is no problem because over the weekend I went to visit my Grandmother and she had a blouse that fitted me perfectly that was in a Victorian style.

When karolis left I took the opportunity to go into EO50 and to practice my volume of singing. I took Lewis’s advice and opened up my chest around my ribcage and let out the first note as loudly as I can. I did it quietly at first then I managed to reach a loud volume. I noticed how this sounded better and less croaky than the last times I had tried. I practiced this for a while even when there were people in the room so I could get used to an audience. I went to see Lynn so she could listen to see if it sounded okay and it was loud enough. She said I had nailed the volume I needed to work on persona. At the moment I am just standing, I told her that I had thought of my persona but Lynn gave me some tips on timing and where to stand and move. We came to the conclusion that the girl was a romantic, after I added that she was also sad and waiting after analysing the lyrics again.


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