25th April 2017

Today there was and audition day so we were free to rehearse. However I needed to locate some costume and prop pieces so I went into town and bought some rings since Karolis had some keys already for the scene. When I came back I went into Tweed with Tanya to find a skirt but unfortunately it didn’t fit but it worked so well with the top I had bought in, Tanya agreed to put safety pins in so my hips could hold the dress up.

Final Costume for Dolls House

In the photo I am holding the skirt to stop it from falling.

After that Karolis came out of English we met up and started to rehearse. I noticed a large change from when we started, I think this falls heavily on practice during the holidays and videos watched. At first I was confused, the scene seemed as if it should be played with little to no emotion when the scene its self is very emotional. I worked during the holidays on finding a balance and also trying each line differently until it felt natural.

This is before we went to see Erica and when we left she had only tweaked it a bit, Karolis was told that he needed to treat me more like a child and for me to be more frustrated and not to be frightened of being angry at him.


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