26th April 2017

During the directed session I went to a practice room with Nigel who has been helping me with voice and has been playing the guitar so I can get used to the rhythm, we worked on how I started the song because I found it difficult to start on the right note but after a few tries we managed to get it right, he also said that to stop my eyes from darting around so I didn’t look nervous was to focus on one point and to sing towards there, it doesn’t work if that is on the floor so it has to be on the wall.

We had our producers’ run today and I managed to sing in front of a crowd which I haven’t done yet. I took Nigel’s advice and I focused on the fire bell, however my stance was too rigid and I found it difficult to get some of the notes out so I had to correct my posture halfway through. Looking back at the video I can see that my confidence was an issue, you could tell I was rigid and frightened and that I was struggling to keep the volume because I sucking the sound back in. This can be fixed simply by finding a method that suits me.

For “Doll’s House” everything went smoothly but I forgot what Erica said yesterday about what emotion goes with what line, so when I am reading through my script I need to remind myself about what emotion is appropriate with what line.

Videos 8 and 17



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