3rd May 2017

We got some notes back about the tech run we did the previous day:

Martha’s Harbour

  • Pick a spot to look at and stick with it for a while.
  • You are looking out at the harbour don’t let your nerves make you forget that.
  • Relax
  • You didn’t fidget through the song.

Dolls House

  • More volume.
  • Nora needs to fight back more.
  • Stand up on the like “Weak and fragile” to add movement.
  • Cut out “For that the miracle would have to happen”


This lasted for the entire day.

For Martha’s harbour I was feeling more confident in myself nut I could still feel myself go rigid and I wasn’t used to using a mic so I started off slowly and because I was trying not to make my eyes flicker I felt as if I was fixing on one spot for too long, realising and then turning , my head too hastily to look at another spot.

For “Doll’s House” I felt more at home with the character in the costume and the costume really stopped me from slouching as much as I was.


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