4th May 2017

We started with feedback from yesterdays dress run:

Martha’s Harbour

  • Don’t be too fixed on one spot.
  • Work on where you need to breathe so you can either hold a note or you don’t have left over breath left to use.
  • Try and control the twitch in my hands at the beginning.
  • Remove my earrings (visible in picture below).

martha's Harbour

Dolls House

  • Don’t wander out of the light.
  • Keep fighting Karolis.
  • Don’t lose the line “millions of woman have”.

For the rest of the day we did another dress run and it went really well, again I tried to tell a story with Martha’s Harbour but I’m still finding it difficult as I am focusing on where I am breathing but I feel as if I am improving. For “Dolls House” me and Karolis have cut the line and I really worked on what I was saying and how, before however me and Karolis did a line run and while we were I was walking back and forth between the mirror and my belongings as I was trying to make my hair into a neat bun and I felt as if it worked better and more naturally that way as I was busy and I feel that that was a key part of Nora that was missing, I didn’t realise how busy she would of been as a mother and her managing the house which really was the final push in how Nora really felt.

After we got some more notes ready for the show:

Martha’s Harbour

  • Tell the story more with your face and eyes.

Doll’s House

  • Don’t drag the pauses too much.
  • Speak up but keep the intensity of the remark.

The actual performance went amazingly well I didn’t freeze for a very brief moment on Martha’s Harbour and lose my pitching but besides that it all went well, I was calm and I feel as if I was better on the night than the dress rehearsals.


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