Task 5 – Health and Safety- Risk Assessment


Health and safety risks Possibility of the risk happening Solution
Weather (Ice or rain) Amber

(Could happen)

If it is raining too hard then we will have to call of the performance because the props would not be usable if it is icy we are simply going to have to watch our steps.
Space to work with (Too little) Amber

(Could happen)

The crowd may come in too close so we won’t have enough room to work with if this does happen we will either have to work with what we have got or ask the crowd to move politely, if they refuse to then we will have to work within the space given.
Props (Hitting people if they are too close) Green

(Not likely)

If one of the audience members does get hit by a prop then we will have to carry on if it’s a serious injury which is highly unlikely we will have to apologise.
The magic paintbrush bed (if they appear on time or not catch him correctly) Green

(Not likely)

Ryan will give a signal to when he is going to tip back however if the bed catch him incorrectly and they have to put him down we will have to carry on and work around the issue. If Ryan is seriously hurt then we will have to stop the show to help him.
Someone not turning up (Due to illness) Green

(Not likely)

If someone can’t come because they are too ill we will have to replace them with another actor and they will have to learn their lines quickly so the performance can go on as planned. If a large chunk of our cast is missing then we will have to call it off.
People not eating or drinking Green

(Not likely)

 People may forget to bring food to snack on or a warm drink to warm them up if they are cold which could distract them from giving a good performance.
People not looking after their voices (sore throat colds etc) Amber

(Could happen)

 If someone has lost their voice on the day they will still have to work around the issue and speak as loudly as possible, perhaps take a few throat soothers before we start so then they can speak up.

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