Task 3 – Research in relation to specific project you are working on

For our street stories we will be performing in a thrust stage however the public will be standing wherever they wish to stand. So if when we are performing in the streets we will have to work with what the audience wants. When we are performing at the school it will be easier for us because the children might be sat in a proscenium theatre setting however they could be sat in a thrust, we have to be careful with loud sounds, movement and how we portray the villain because in a street performance the kids can walk away but when your performing in a school the kids are forced to sit there and watch so we have to keep the play moving along the entire time so they don’t get bored and anything that might scare them may make them cry. When we are performing it’s for entertainment however the stories have a moral but it’s not crystal clear what the messages are so we are performing for entertainment. The audience and the actors have no contract they are free to come and go when watching the show so if we really want the audience to stay we have to make the story understandable and simple enough so when someone walks in half way they know whats happening. However in the school the children and the actors have a contract where they have to sit and watch us perform they are not allowed to walk off like in the street performance so we have to keep them engaged at all times.

Working in the street can have its limitations and health and safety risks. If the weather is bad we would have to think about what we wear to keep us warm but also allows us to move around safely, if the ground is slippery then we would have to consider movement to make sure no one slips over or gets hurt, we also would have to protect props and costume to make sure they don’t get ruined by the rain or the snow because “the Magic Paintbrush” is based mainly on props it would be very difficult to create the same show that would be effective. We haven’t got an official site set up for us yet however we think that we should be in the actual fair  which is good however it will be loud there and we will have to project their voices a lot more than usual to get above the noise of the street. We are performing when schools end which means we should get our younger audience as they are going home however the mums or dads could be in a hurry to get home or to get some shopping done before the fair starts properly. When we are performing in the school we have less limitations because we will be inside which means we don’t have to dress as warmly so it will be easier to pick clothing because the weather will not effect us. Despite all these limitations and downfalls performing outside will be good it will teach us to project our voice above other people and also considering we are performing at around 3 or 4 we should have enough daylight so we don’t have to perform in the dark but the sun may be setting so it will give the story a fairy tale feel to it.

We chose the “Magic Paintbrush” because it had good visuals which meant we didn’t need much of a script so we could experiment with movement and facial expressions more which was good because we could bring the performance alive with making it like a story book for young children not a performance. This story is appropriate for young audiences because it is fast paced so it’s never boring and it has a bad guy and the good guy shown very clearly and it has good over coming evil so the story is easy to follow.



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