Summer work Unit 7

Task 1

For a short while I was in a preforming arts school called stage coach and my first performance was when I was five, I stood up on stage and sung Polly had a dolly. After that I participated in many productions there such as Annie (I played Molly) and wizard of Oz (Where I was a munchkin). When I was a Thomas Gainsborough School I was asked by my drama teacher whether I would like to do LAMDA. I have recently done my grade 6 LAMDA and got a high merit, my main fault was that I spoke too quickly which I will try to improve but I got nearly full marks on my knowledge of the plays. I have also just done my GCSE Drama which I managed to obtain a C in, for our final piece I had to play a boy who was there for comedy purposes of the play, I enjoyed this role even though it was a small role I enjoyed exploring what me and the character had in common and building some of his character around that.

I chose to study drama because I have always had a keen interest in acting. I never quite found my skill in drama until I entered GCSE year where I only chose drama from sheer interest in the subject, I expected myself to take a career in History and to keep studying that after GCSE but I soon became very passionate and extremely serious about drama, after a while I began to notice that I was enjoying the subject more than any other class I took, I really enjoyed being able to play and experiment with emotions and to be able to take one thing from the character that you can relate to and build on that to create a completely new person with just a tiny piece of information. I would like to take acting because I like being able to create a whole other person and experience that persons emotions and life. I would like to study at Conservatoire EAST because it was highly recommended to me by my LAMDA teacher that I should come here, her son is a student at Conservatoire EAST and says that the course is excellent. I also want to study at here because all the teachers were so nice and approachable and enthused me with the description of the course itself. Also I studying in Bury St Edmunds would provide me with great shops, restaurants, cinema and an exciting new life.

With your course I hope to improve my skills in acting and improve my speech as I tend to talk too fast when I perform a script due to nerves. I also hope to improve my confidence and to embrace my mistakes instead of being ashamed by them and not learning from them, I also wish to adventure into different characters. After the course I hope to carry on acting maybe audition for walk in roles or back ground characters in Television shows and also start looking for an agent, I would also join an actor’s union and look into university at the same time, although I see teaching drama as a possibility for my future if I change my mind on acting for entertainment.

I would like to study acting at Conservatoire EAST, I have had experience with working in a difficult team for GCSE (one came down with bad asthma which wasn’t her fault and the other two refused to work during class time and outside of lessons) and I also have done LAMDA so I am familiar with learning lines for multiple scripts quite quickly. When I learn lines I just rehearse the script over and over and when I feel confident enough to speak without the script a family member will prompt me if I get a line wrong. I am used to working in a group often I tend to follow than lead the group. I can do archery and I speak a little bit of French. Although I am terrible at accents and voices, I really hope to improve on this as it is such a big part of acting, as I said I tend to follow than lead a group so I often don’t speak up and share ideas I keep to myself and do what the team leader thinks is best. As I previously said I speak a little bit of French but I haven’t studied any other language like German or Spanish. I have never studied any dance I have never had a talent for it or a passion. The only sport I have every tried and succeeded in is Archery but I hope that in my spare time I will learn/teach myself a form of self-defence.

My strengths are probably tone of voice and body language. Several times I have been told that I have expressed my emotions very well through voice and body language, I can show a characters status clearly for example when I play a character with high status I will keep good posture and keep my head high while I would do the opposite if the character was low status, a low status character would be crouched and would keep his or her head down and maybe avoid eye contact unless being spoken to. As I said I can show emotions through my tone of voice, but I struggle with accents, this is something I would really like to improve on, I would love to explore accents because they are an important part of a character. I hope to improve my speech while I am studying at Conservatoire EAST as I said I tend to talk too quickly and after a few times repeating a line I lose the feeling that the character is saying that line for the first time. I also hope to improve my confidence in working inside a group and voice my opinions more often instead of staying quiet.

Task 2

(Video 15)

Monologue information

My monologue is taken from the play “Much ado about nothing”.

My monologue is from act two scene one.

The character I will be playing is Benedick.

“Much ado about nothing” was written in 1598 and was first performed in 1612.

At first Benedicks character role is to annoy Beatrice but as the play progresses he falls in love with her. At one point during the play Beatrice asks Benedick to kill Claudio because he insulted her entire family at his and her cousins wedding. But Benedicks main role in the play is to be in love with Beatrice.

The significance of my monologue at this particular point is to exclaim how horrible Beatrice is to him after she accidentally insulted him while he was behind a mask at a ball. He declares his hatred to the prince who he works for.