U 5 & 6 Task 5- Production Solutions


Costume- Finding the costume was easy because I own allot of clothes that look like Juno’s style and I also have a guitar at home.juno-costume Lighting and Sound- All I had was a simple warm wash and it didn’t need changing it only had a black out at the end of the piece and I needed no sound for my piece.

Props- I had no props besides a guitar and a photo which I kept with me and which I bought on and off stage.

Breakfast Club

Costume- I had no issues with the costume for Allison besides having to borrow a few items from family members but I did have an issue with the make up for Allison. Allison requires some heavy eye makeup and I have very little experience with make up and was unsure on how to make the eyeliner look correct. The solution was to ask for help during the first run of dress rehearsals and I asked Thalia Weavers to help me. This won’t be an issue when performing or on the rehearsals because I have been taught how to do the eye makeup correctly.


Lighting and Sound- We encountered no problems with the lighting as it is a simple class room lighting and again with the sound we had no problem because our piece we had a sound of someone crashing through the ceiling and a recording of Will saying a joke as he crawls through the vents and we had no issue with this because about a week before the production Will went off and recorded the sounds with James Hopwood and I found a crashing sound they could put the recording with.

Props- The main issue we had with props during dress and tech rehearsals were getting 4 tables and chairs on and off stage. The solution was to use the people in Charleston to help us take tables and chairs on and off and to remember who has what and what we all take off. This solution won’t be an issue when doing the show because everyone we need is in the hall waiting for the acts to be finished so they can be ready to go on so we have plenty of people to help. Another issue was that last minute we had to change the ending of the scene which would need a small prop that looked like a bag of marijuana, the solution was that I made the prop buy putting evergreen leaves into a sand which bag then giving it to Eren so he can pass it to Will. This solution is permanent as long as the bag doesn’t rip or tear or get lost.

Silent Movie

Costume- I had no issue with finding the costume since I had to find it in tweed house but when I found it the costume was damaged. The solution was that I needed to sew up the dress. I needed to sew up a zip in the side of the dress as it was coming off and I needed to replace a button that had fallen off. It would of only been an issue on the show and in rehearsals if I hadn’t sewn them up properly, however the button and the zip stayed in tact and it was not trouble.


Lighting and sound- We had no issues with the lighting as it was a simple white wash with a hint of grey however we did need to alter the lighting slightly so it was purple in the corners so the spider legs could be visible. During rehearsal we had no issue with sound but during the dress run we realised that we had given the wrong track and we had to rehearse it with no sound but on the night it was fixed and working properly.
Props- The first issue with props was making the spider legs. Liam Swain made the spider legs at home with chicken wire then bought them in so we could put tights on them. It was difficult putting the tights on because they would rip form bits of wire sticking out and also they would get caught and slow down the process. The solution was to be very careful and when stretching them on we had to keep the fabric far away as possible from the mesh. The solution was permanent however Thalia and Liam still had to be careful when handling the spiders legs when they were coming out of the wings.

2 thoughts on “U 5 & 6 Task 5- Production Solutions”

  1. Task 5 Production solutions – You’ve noted well where you needed help with the make-up – it might have been good to post some ‘before and after’ photos of your face – you could also have described what needed to be done and why (some character research pictures?) but I wasn’t sure why you said the sound effect was not a problem – it didn’t happen by magic, did it!! Where did you find the crash noise? How was it put together as a playable track? Generally note EVERYTHING as if the reader doesn’t know how a show works.
    Try to use technical language where possible – ‘we had to use purple lighting in the corners’ doesn’t give me a clear idea of where that is on stage. It might have been good to include some pictures of the robot and the spider legs in production.
    You’ve said ‘the solution is permanent’ a few times – I’m not quite sure what you mean by that as you haven’t mentioned any that are temporary. Be careful of writing ‘could of’ when you mean ‘could have’.


  2. I have just seen that much of what you really should have included here is in your evaluation! Try to use the commission brief as a check-list so that all the problems/solutions are in the right place!


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