U5 & 6 Task 6- Performances

A Trip to Mars- This was inspired by a film called “A Trip To The Moon” or “Le Voyage Dans La Lune” which was made in 1902 and was one of the first films ever made. For this piece we were Edwardian explorers going to Mars and being confronted with a giant spider.

This was the description used in the program- Inspired by a silent movie from 1902, the Year 1 Acting Class goes on an Edwardian sci-fi adventure.

A Ruckus- This piece was inspired by “The Breakfast Club” which is a film that was bought out in 1985, it’s about five students in a Saturday detention and during their time they get to know each other and how each of them are similar in many ways. The Breakfast Club has won 2 awards one being the silver bucket of excellence award in 2005 and the other being the National Film Registry in 2016. The scene was taken from the film when  Bender gets separated from the group for being disruptive, he then proceeds to get back to the group through the heating ducts and ends up crashing through the ceiling alerting the teacher and the teacher goes to investigate.

This was the description used in the program- Bender is causing trouble… again. From ‘The Breakfast Club. Eren Kucukkaramuklu, Liam Swain, Will Rice, Tom Foulger, Mia Hoy &  Jess Belamy

Juno- This scene was inspired by Juno which was bought out in 2007, it’s about a 16 year old who accidentally gets pregnant with her best friends baby, during the film we watch her go through the pregnancy and watch her spend time with the people who are going to be the baby’s adoptive parents. Juno has won an Oscar for the best writing and original screenplay by Diablo Cody, it was also nominated for three other Oscars for best motion picture of the year, best performance by a leading female role and best achievement in directing. The scene was inspired by the film, I had written it so that Juno had received a letter containing a photo of her sons first birthday, she then wonders what could of been if she had kept her son.

This was the description used in the program- At 16 Juno accidentally became pregnant with her friend Bleeker’s baby. She has given up her son for adoption but receives a photo of his first birthday. Inspired by Juno (2007) Written & performed by Mia Hoy


One thought on “U5 & 6 Task 6- Performances”

  1. Task 6 performance – You need to mark the recording so we can easily find your pieces. You followed directions and wrote potential programme notes – but haven’t labelled them. The examiner will have no idea why you have written those paragraphs. Can you explain why the actual programme notes I included may have been different? (You could guess or you could ask!).


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