U5 & 6 Task 7- Project Evaluation

During the production the first decision I had to make was how I was going to write the Juno monologue. I thought that doing the monologue from Juno’s point of view would be better as we know what she is like and I wouldn’t have to create an entire new character that also was built around how Vanessa would bring up a child by herself, also Juno’s baby is a boy so I would have to write it from a boys point of view. I had to use a variety of websites to look up how the birth mother of the adopted child feels like, these are the three that were the most useful.




And I used these notes to base the monologue on.


At the time I was still wondering on whether I should still do Juno’s child’s monologue so I used this website to get a few notes.



I chose to do the monologue as Juno in the end because we already know her story and I prefer her character I also think it would be fun to see what she would be like when she is serious but not sarcastic.

This was my first draft of the monologue:


And this is the final copy of the monologue:


The group for breakfast club had to decide what scene to do . We went through several options which were:

“Have you done it?”

“Bag Scene”

 We see Bender, he is brushing his teeth with one of
     Claire's cosmetic brushes.

     We see Claire looking through Bender's wallet pictures.

               Are all these your girlfriends?

               Some of them...

               What about the others?

               Well, some I consider my girlfriends
               and some...I just consider...

               Consider what?

               Whether or not, I wanna hang out
               with them...

               You don't believe in just one guy,
               one girl?

               Do you?

               Yeah...that's the way it should be.

               Well, not for me...

               Why not?

     Bender clearly doesn't want to answer that.  He acts

               How come you got so much shit in
               your purse?

               How come you got so many

               I asked you first...

               I dunno...I guess I never throw
               anything away.

               Neither do I...


     We cut back to where Andrew, Brian and Allison are
     sitting, Andrew is looking through Brian's wallet.

               This is the worst fake ID I've ever

     Brian laughs.

               Do you realize you made yourself
               sixty eight?

               Oh, I know...I know, I goofed it...

               What do you need a fake ID for?

                    (like it's obvious)
               So I can vote!

     Allison looks up suddenly.

               You wanna see what's in my bag?

                        BRIAN & ANDREW

     Allison looks hurt and then resentful.  Just to spite
     them, she dumps the contents of her bag onto the couch.

     Lots of stuff comes out.

               Holy shit!  What is all that stuff?

               Do you always carry this much shit
               in your bag?

               Yeah...I always carry this much shit
               ...in my bag...You never know when
               you may have to jam...

               Are you gonna be like a shopping
               bag lady?  You know like, sit in
               alleyways and like talk to buildings
               and wear men's shoes and that kinda

               I'll do what I have to do...

               Why do you have to do anything?

                    (with feeling)
               My home life is un...satisfying...

               So you're saying you'd subject
               yourself to the violent dangers of
               the Chicago streets because your
               homelife is unsatisfying?

               I don't have to run away and live
               in the street...I can run away and,
               go to the ocean, I can go to the
               country, I can go to the mountains.
               I can go to Israel, Africa,

     Brian looks at her and then moves over to Andrew.

               Andy...you wanna get in on this?
               Allison here says, she wants to run
               away, because her home life is

               Well everyone's home lives are un-
               satisfying...If it wasn't, people
               would live with there parents

               Yeah, yeah I understand.  But I
               think that her's goes beyond, you
               know, what guys like you and me...
               consider normal unsatisfying...

               Nevermind...forget it, everything's

     Allison starts putting everything back in her purse.

               What's the deal?

               No!  There's no deal, Sporto.
               Forget it, leave me alone.

               Wait a minute, now you're carrying
               all that crap around in your purse.
               Either you really wanna run away or
               you want people to think you wanna
               run away.

               Eat shit!

     Allison gets up and walks away.

               The girl is an island, with herself.

“Smoking Scene”


“What Happens on Monday”


We used this website to find the script as we couldn’t find some of the scenes on YouTube.


We found it difficult choosing a scene and we eventually went for the smoking scene, however after a few times watching it we discovered that it didn’t have enough characterization in it. We then tried the bag scene, we soon realized that the bag scene however would be really tedious to watch because there wasn’t much movement and also the scene and also focused too much on Allison and not enough on the rest of the characters. We settled for a scene called “Whats The Ruckus”.


In the scene a bag of “marijuana”gets passed to Bender and we had to make this. I had to make the decision on what leaves to use so that it looked green but didn’t look too fake. In the end I used evergreen leaves and dried them on the radiator over night.


Then we discussed how the stage was going to be set. We decided to have 4 tables and 4 chairs because there are 4 students and at this moment of the film they all don’t know/like each other because they all think that they are so different and shouldn’t talk to each other. So if we had 4 separate chairs and tables we could all sit by ourselves to show the audience we are not close.

For the silent movie we had nothing on stage but the making of the robot costume and the spider legs were main priority for the making of the silent movie. Thalia Weavers and Liam Swain were in charge of the production side of the silent movie. These were some of Thalia’s notes for the making of the robot costume.


And this was the Robot costume when it was finished.

The spider legs again were built by Liam Swain and Thalia Weavers, we put on tights so then the legs were still flexible which was difficult because the tights kept ripping.


These are the spider legs finished.

For the performance side of Juno I was struggling with where to move because when I first practiced the monologue I stood still and out of instinct I would move or do the “monologue shuffle”.

This video was when I was trying it out for the first few times and was deciding how to move and I kept rocking backwards and forward so I decided to go around the stage like this.


But then I realized that I didn’t cover much of the audience and it would be static and boring so I changed it to this.


I did edit the movement last minute so I stood center stage for a while so it didn’t look like I was making my way around the stage and that I was using the space more wisely. I had to practice the accent a lot so I wasn’t doing a Texan accent but an accent from Chicago so I listened to how she spoke and used the line “silencio old man” to get used to the accent right.


For “The Breakfast Club” i had no lines so I didn’t need to practice another american accent. For Allison’s character I watched the film and made notes on how she acted especially in the background because her presence is more like lurking and doesn’t feel friendly at all.

Allison likes to intimidate people by staring, she also listens to people and takes in information to use against them later by getting into those brains, she also hates being ignored and when she has attention she lies to keep the attention on her like in the “Have You Done It?” scene. I have also noticed that out of everyone she is vastly different from the rest of the cast she doesn’t say much in the beginning and she also has no friends when the rest of the group either have a large group of friends like Bender, Claire and Andrew or a few friends like Brian. So I had to make sure that when she was sat she was alone to show that she was separate and unwilling to talk to people.

For the silent movie I needed to be melodramatic which was a style I wasn’t used to, every time we ran the scene I had to remember that there were no words which meant that movement was all that the audience were getting so I had to make sure that what I wanted the character to say was coming out through movement.

Through this project I learnt that when working on a monologue that if you can’t get something right, for example an accent or a line, it’s always best to walk away from it and work on something else then come back to in and start again, also not to over practice a piece because then it looks too rehearsed and it becomes very dull to watch. I found that I did the Juno monologue better if I practiced if for a couple of days then left it alone to focus on something else. With “The Breakfast Club” I found that you need to confirm group leader, we had two leaders and it didn’t work because we had different ways of approaching challenges and sometimes wouldn’t agree.

From what I’ve learnt on this project is that you need to be organised and arrange fixed times to work with your group that works with everyone. When working on a monologue I’ve learnt that you have no one else to fill the stage so you need to completely fill the room with the energy of that character and the volume. I also learnt how to get into character, I had never done a silent movie before so I found it difficult to get into character so before I went on I would do diary entries of my character in my head of the morning that they have had up to the moment I am performing. This project also refreshed my memory on how a tech and dress run work.

I think that this project will benefit me in the future because it has taught me how to organised my time better and how to balance out separate scenes. It will also help me open up to different ideas about getting into character that using just one.





One thought on “U5 & 6 Task 7- Project Evaluation”

  1. Task 7 Evaluation – This piece includes rather a lot of what really should be in earlier categories – like research and problem solving. The idea of evaluation is to catalogue what actually happened on the performance nights, one at a time, and how they played out. Did the pieces go as planned? If not, why not? What was the effect on YOU of having an audience and what was the audience reaction? For this you need to refer back to whether anything changed from what you planned (character-wise, audience-reaction wise for example). Did anything change between the two shows – after notes from the staff, for example? Here is a little check-list that you might find helpful:
    A – Did everything run smoothly for each piece? If not, what happened, why and what did you & your group do about it for the following day?
    B – What was the audience reaction? Was it what you expected? If not, why not?
    C – Go back to early plans & research and see what changed between the start of the process and the end result.
    D – What have you learned that would affect the way you do similar things in the future?


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